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A Cescaphe Vie Wedding – Anu and Edwin


When we had out initial planning call many months ago, we were imagining a cold day and maybe even some snow. Anu and Edwin’s Cescaphe Vie wedding surprised us though with balmy 50 degree temperatures and rain. It turns out, the weather wasn’t the only surprise on what was a really unique (and a very Philly) wedding day. Anu and Edwin are an awesome couple. They managed to infuse their wedding day with their creativity and an amazing sense of humor. Despite the wet conditions they were determined to get outside. We coordinated a First Look with the entire bridal party in Logan Circle and captured portraits of everyone at the Art Museum before heading to The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul for a beautiful ceremony. Anu and Edwin clearly spent a lot of time thinking about how they wanted their wedding to go and especially at the reception, they scripted lots of moments that were unique to them and their relationship. Before they came out to formally greet their guests at Cescaphe Vie there was a hilarious introduction video which showed them working through a few “rejected” reception ideas. Then, they entered the party, donned in inflatable elephants and Edwin wore Jason Kelce’s genie get-up from the Eagles recent Super Bowl parade. And to be clear, I don’t mean he wore a similar genie outfit, he wore the exact genie outfit that Jason Kelce wore. They then launched into a fantastically choreographed and flawlessly performed dance routine which I gather took weeks of preparation. There was also a few performances that Edwin surprised Anu with. First, Edwin had a Dohl drummer join a violinist in an awesome duet that was really unique. Then, Michael Jackson took the dance floor to perform a medley of some of his best routines. It was an awesome night and we were so happy we could be there to capture it.

Congratulations to Anu and Edwin! Enjoy this sneak peek and be sure to wish the couple well in the comments!


Bride and Groom First Look at Logan Circle in Philadelphia with City Hall in the background. Photo by Weldon Wedding Photography.
2groom rocks some awesome shoes on the steps of the art museum in Philadelphia. Photo by Weldon Wedding Photography.
Bride walks down the aisle with her parents at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. Photo by Weldon Wedding Photography.
Groom wipes away a bride
Bride and Groom enter reception at Cescaphe Vie. Both wearing inflatable elephants. Groom wearing Jason Kelce
Michael Jackson impersonator at Philadelphia
1Guests join in with Michael Jackson Thriller dance on the floor at a Cescaphe Vie Wedding Reception. Photo by Weldon Wedding Photography.


Hair/Makeup Stylists: Jacklyn Ryan

Ceremony: Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Reception Venue and Caterer: Cescaphe Vie
Florist:Chelsea Mettinger
Videographer: Liz Wiese
Band/DJ: Everett Jackson

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